Racing (and Writing) in the Zone


How ‘the Zone’ improves your driving performance.

Jun 13

Posted by Davin Sturdivant


Every driver talks about performing in ‘the Zone’. A state of mind where a driver’s performance is at the peak. Cornering seems effortless, braking points are sublime and the driver’s brain is free of all distracting thoughts. All that matters is what is happening now, the driver is acting without judgement, and he is getting the maximum performance out of his drive. Lap times are consistent, speed is high, and every about racing seems simple.

Being in ‘the Zone’ is an encouraging feeling. What it tells the driver is that deep down in their subconscious capabilities, they have a strong understanding of what they are doing, and how to perform at the maximum level.

When a driver is in ‘the Zone’, even the most difficult conditions will seem effortless.

However more often than not, and frustratingly, being in ‘the Zone’ seems to…

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